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Examples of Services for Musicians


Please note that none of the images in this section are for sale.  They are copyright by Jared Gann and they were donated to and are for the exclusive use of the artists shown. They are shown here as examples of my "performance photography".  All of the logo's you see below are clickable links to the websites of the artists/company/promoter mentioned.

First is a performance by the

at in October 2007

{long download 141mb file} 

So click on the link then go make that phone call, unless you got dial-up, in which you'll have to go use Mary Sue's phone across the street cause she's got DSL and a cell phone and her old phone just sits there on the patio gathering dust because she doesn't answer it any more, she says now she knows when it rings she knows it has to be somebody wanting her body her money her vote or her opinion and she isn't sharing none of them any more, to your Aunt Bertha about that low down good for nothing Cousin Lenny who got himself busted for growing pot in a park in downtown Atlanta, again.

Next is a performance by one of my personal favorites

performed at a private fundraising event for

on August 1, 2008


{long download 174mb file}

Well now, if you are done looking at all of these pretty pictures, you got to see two beautiful women singing from the heart especially in the last picture, but I digress, by now that self same low down good for nothing Cousin Lenny is on the phone calling for bail money, BUT, before you answer the phone, click on the link, and these gals will be stomping  on the floorboards in Mike's house just about the time you finish telling that low down good for nothing Cousin Lenny just how Aunt Bertha said something about hell, and freezing, and cows eating cabbages, oh and pigs flying whatever that is...

May 31, 2008

The 2nd Annual

Santa Fe Women's Celebration

Like another of my favorite musicians

who is now of the Austin crowd, my old home town, but used to live in Madrid (pronounced mad' drid  here in the land of enchantment as opposed to ma drid' in the lands of disenchantment, i.e. the rest of the Spanish speaking world) NM, a quaint little ex-mining, ex(?)hippy-art colony just outside Santa Fe on the Turquoise Trail , {She recently returned to Santa Fe for a rare performance  with her brother .}, another of the outstanding artists at the celebration, a local artist well on her way to the top:

Laurianne Fiorentino

Laurainne did, I'm sure, feel privileged to be the opening act for one of the most awe inspiring performances I have ever had the joy to witness.  Just to be in the presence of this magnificent artist in such an intimate setting itself was humbling.  At one point I turned to retreat from the area close to the stage so other photographers would have space, and the entire audience, ages 5 to 95, were in tears.

In Memoriam

ODETTA 1930-2008

Odetta, an old friend of Southwest Roots Music whose voice was an important soundtrack to the Civil Rights Movement, passed away on Dec. 2 from heart disease. She was 77. One of her final performances was at the Santa Fe Women's Celebration in May, where she knocked us all over with songs of life and death that at times were a little too close to home. We knew the great lady wouldn't be with us much longer. For more on our experiences with Odetta, go to http://ThirstyEarFestival.


And now off in a totally different direction entirely:


On August 13, 2008

presented at


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